DRN operates within a network of research and consulting institutions specialising in different development issues. Network agreements are/have been operational between DRN and the following partner institutions, among others:
Western Europe
Central and Eastern Europe

  • ACER - Albania Center for Economic Research Albania Economic, Albania

  • BASME, Macedonia

  • BAU - Business Advisory Unit, Albania

  • CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research, Poland

  • CdR - Centrul de Resurse, Moldova

  • Center For Peace And Democracy Development, Serbia

  • EPRD - Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development, Poland

  • FID - Forum For Democratic Initiatives, Kosovo
  • Africa Leadership Forum, Nigeria

  • ALCOR, Tunisia

  • Aquaterre, Madagascar

  • BECIS - Bureau d'Etudes, Conseil et Intervention au Sahel, Mali

  • CAO, Niger

  • DURADEVE Consulting, Burkina Faso

  • Impact Consultants, Benin

  • The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Ghana

  • MMA Consultants, Ethiopia

  • Rede Mulher, Angola
Latin America
  • Agrodata, Bolivia

  • CAAP - Centro Andino de Acción Popolar, Ecuador

  • CEPROD - Centro de Promoción del Desarrollo, Honduras

  • CENADE - Centro de Acción y Apoyo al Desarrollo Rural, Nicaragua

  • Centro Redes, Argentina

  • SASE, Peru

  • SIDEPRO, Argentina
Asia – Central Asia - South East Asia
  • Approach Consulting Group, Tajikistan

  • Institute for Policy Studies, Georgia

  • Mekong Economics, Vietnam

  • RAASTA Marketing Research, Pakistan

  • RIDS, Bangladesh

  • SIAR, Kyrgyzstan
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